Hubert Condamine

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We have identified and characterized zebrafish eve1, a novel member of the Drosophila even-skipped (eve) gene family. eve1 RNAs are expressed initially in late blastulae with a peak during the gastrula stage, at which time expression is confined to ventral and lateral cells of the marginal zone of the zebrafish embryo. Later, eve1 transcripts are located in(More)
This paper deals with the first identification of a caudal cDNA containing a homeobox of the Drosophila caudal family in the zebrafish. A cDNA library from late gastrula stage embryos was constructed and screened with a mouse Cdx 1 homeobox probe. A 1.6 kb cDNA clone containing a homeobox related to other caudal homeoboxes was isolated and called(More)
Hepatic nuclear factor 1 (HNF1) is a highly diverged homeoprotein that is crucial for transcription of many liver-specific genes including albumin. In particular, a minimal promoter, consisting of an HNF1-binding-site and a TATA box, is highly active only in hepatoma cell lines. The expression of the HNF1 and albumin genes has been examined in mouse embryos(More)
From embryonal carcinoma cells labeled with fucose, two main classes of glycopeptide products of Pronase digestion can be distinguished by Sephadex G-50 column chromatography: one eluted near the excluded volume and a smaller one. The large fucosyl-glycopeptides are scarcely present in differentiated cells derived from embryonal carcinoma cells (i.e.,(More)
A histochemical procedure for beta-glucuronidase has been used to make visible the cellular genotypes of liver tumors and of surrounding normal liver clones in allophenic mice. The animals had lifelong genetic mosaicism for cells with the allele for low beta-glucuronidase activity (g/g genotype, C3H strain) and cells with the allele for high activity (G/G(More)
Syngeneic antisera have been produced in mouse strain 129/Sv-CP males against the primitive cells of teratocarcinoma. These sera react specifically with the primitive cells and are negative on various types of differentiated teratoma cells derived from the same original tumor. They are negative on all other mouse cells tested, with the exception of male(More)
A number of alleles at coat color loci of the house mouse give rise to areas of wild-type pigmentation on the coats of otherwise mutant animals. Such unstable alleles include both recessive and dominant mutations. Among the latter are several alleles at the W locus. In this report, phenotypic reversions of the Wei allele at the W locus were studied Mice(More)
Heymann nephritis is a glomerulonephritis induced in rat by injecting kidney extracts. The responsible antigen is known to consist of two high molecular weight glycoproteins, gp330 and gp300, located in renal tubular brush border cells. We show that rabbit antibodies made against purified rat gp330 react in immunofluorescence tests with several polarized(More)
We have isolated a molecular clone of an ecotropic murine leukemia virus from the ovaries of an SWR/J x RF/J hybrid female. The molecularly cloned virus, named pSR3, was demonstrated to induce virus production upon transfection into SWR/J immortalized fibroblasts and to promote germ line integration of proviruses in a fraction of the offspring germline when(More)