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Antineoplastic Effects of siRNA against TMPRSS2-ERG Junction Oncogene in Prostate Cancer
This study offers a new prospect of treatment for prostate cancer based on siRNA-squalene nanoparticles targeting TMPRSS2-ERG junction oncogene via conjugated to squalene, which can self-organize as nanoparticles in water. Expand
Preactivated oxazaphosphorines designed for isophosphoramide mustard delivery as bulk form or nanoassemblies: synthesis and proof of concept.
Preactivated IFO derivatives with the covalent binding of several O- and S-alkyl moieties including polyisoprenoid groups at the C-4 position of the oxazaphosphorine ring to avoid cytochrome bioactivation favoring the release of the active entity and limiting the chloroacetaldehyde release are designed. Expand
Characterization of bark extractives of different industrial Indonesian wood species for potential valorization
Abstract Barks are available as waste material and by-product of wood industry. They have been reported to contain interesting molecules and show some bioactivity such as antioxidant and antifungal.Expand
Comparison of teak wood properties according to forest management: short versus long rotation
Key messageTeak (Tectona grandisL.f.) is one of the most important tropical hardwood tree species, which is widely planted in Indonesia. Wood properties are strongly influenced by forest managementExpand
Shorter puromycin analog synthesis by means of an efficient Staudinger–Vilarrasa coupling
Abstract An efficient Staudinger–Vilarrasa coupling generates amides from azides and 1-hydroxybenzotriazole esters of amino- or hydroxy acid derivatives in very high isolated yields and purity. NewExpand
Effect of hydrocarbon stapling on the properties of α-helical antimicrobial peptides isolated from the venom of hymenoptera
The CD spectra of the singly stapled peptides measured in water showed only a slightly better propensity to form α-helical structure when compared to native peptides, whereas the doubly Stapled analogs exhibited dramatically enhanced α-helicity. Expand
First synthesis of 2'-deoxyfluoropuromycin analogues: experimental insight into the mechanism of the Staudinger reaction.
Under certain reaction conditions the authors isolated (amino)acyltriazene derivatives from which dinitrogen was not eliminated and these secondary products are trapped and stabilized witnesses of the first intermediate of the Staudinger reaction, the phosphatriazenes. Expand
Effects of silencing the RET/PTC1 oncogene in papillary thyroid carcinoma by siRNA-squalene nanoparticles with and without fusogenic companion GALA-cholesterol.
In vitro results revealed that combining GALA-Chol with siRNA RET/PTC1-SQ NPs decreased cell viability, enhanced cellular internalization, and induced gene silencing efficiency in both human PTC (BHP 10-3 SCmice and TPC-1) cell lines. Expand
Sensitive liposomes encoded with oligonucleotide amphiphiles: a biocompatible switch.
DNA-tagged liposomes made of DOPC specifically bind to a fluorescently labelled complementary ss-DNA with virtually no influence from the lipid bilayer despite the absence of a linker; depending onExpand
2′-Lipid-modified oligonucleotides via a ‘Staudinger–Vilarrasa’ reaction
Abstract We report a new access to 2′-amido-2′-deoxyuridine via a Staudinger–Vilarrasa coupling reaction for the preparation of lipid-modified oligonucleotides. One or two lipidic moieties wereExpand