Huber Nieto-Chaupis

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We use computational simulation to identify, evaluate and relocate pregnant women in a possible scenario of attack of Zika virus (ZIKV) on Peri-urban zones of South American cities. The plausibility of this study is based on the following points: (i) existence of high population of pregnant women in Peri-urban areas of large cities, (ii) appropriate(More)
From a sample of 1K type-2 diabetes cases, using Monte Carlo simulation and real data, we have estimated that a 2.5% might be potential candidates in being in the highest levels of progress of type-2 diabetes as manifested in nephropathy or necrosis, In addition, a 1 % of the sample might be highly sensitive to cardiovascular attack. The pattern of the(More)
In this paper, the formulation of a stochastic model and its subsequent incorporation into a predictive control of a balls mill grinding circuit, is presented. The apparition of stochastic variables is a consequence of variables interaction by which is impossible to know a well-defined determinist mathematical methodology. Thus, the perceived dynamics is(More)
We model the collapse of the probability of success call completion (PSCC) as a direct consequence of the saturation of calls and network overloading in times of local emergence events. For this end, it is assumed that the PSCC contemplates up to three stages during the action of handoff by a mobile end user. Concretely, we incorporate additional(More)
A full treatment of nonlinear systems such as the ball mill grinding circuit might include stochastic ingredients since the inclusion of several input as well output variables could interact among them, thereby producing a phenomenology which would differ notably of the ones as perceived traditionally. In effect, such interactions could not be described in(More)
Often small and middle-size systems usually lack of a dynamical model which is not known in all. Moreover most of them are based on those classical PID controllers featured in not having a controlling system through a setpoint variable during the whole time where the process is in evolution. In this paper, a strategy of control based on a Nonlinear Model(More)
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