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We investigate incentive mechanisms to increase active participation in Learning Networks (LNs). The LN under study is LN4LD, an LN for the exchange of information about the IMS Learning Design specification. We examine how to encourage learners in LN4LD to contribute their knowledge, and whether incentive mechanisms can increase the level of active(More)
Multiple reports have demonstrated an association between Chlamydia pneumoniae (Cpn) and cardiovascular disease. In this study we evaluated the effect of Cpn infections on early lesion progression in C57BL/6J mice. Since plaque formation in these mice does not develop past the initial stage, we thought these mice might be a better model for unravelling the(More)
The results of the operative treatment of medial epicondylitis in forty consecutive elbows (thirty-eight patients) were assessed retrospectively on the basis of the subjective outcome, pain noted during resisted palmar flexion of the hand and wrist, satisfaction of the patient, and grip strength. The mean age of the patients at the time of the operation was(More)
Open and distance learning (ODL) gives learners freedom of time, place and pace of study, putting learner self-direction centre-stage. However, increased responsibility should not come at the price of over-burdening or abandonment of learners as they progress along their learning journey. This paper introduces an approach to recommending the sequencing of(More)
Societal changes demand education to apply new pedagogical approaches. Many educational stakeholders feel that serious games could play a key role in fulfilling this demand, and smack their chops when looking at the booming industry for leisure games. However, current toolkits for developing leisure games show severe shortcomings for the development of(More)
This paper outlines and discusses a self-contained multimedia-training program on psychological diagnostics. The program aims to play an intermediate role between theory and working practice, while offering students a simulated environment to prepare for practical work with real humans. The program simulates the entire diagnostic cycle in convincing,(More)
Serious games are considered to provide powerful and attractive ways to acquire complex cognitive skills for education and training. But existing platforms for development of game-based e-learning often appear either not to be very user-friendly or too rigid or costly. This article addresses the design, development and evaluation of a generic platform for(More)
This article investigates conditions for increasing active participation in on-line communities. As a case study, we use three generations of facilities designed to promote learning in the area of Educational Modelling Languages. Following a description of early experience with a conventional web site and with a community site offering facilities for(More)
Automated Essay Scoring has gained a wider applicability and usage with the integration of advanced Natural Language Processing techniques which enabled in-depth analyses of discourse in order capture the specificities of written texts. In this paper, we introduce a novel Automatic Essay Scoring method for Dutch language, built within the Readerbench(More)