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This paper proposes a novel Inchworm Boring Robot(IBR) for implementing investigations of scientific targets such as geothermal gradient, chemical composition, mechanical properties of regolith in the planetary subsurface. The IBR consists of three modules: a drilling module, a discharging module and a propulsion module. Drilling module and discharging(More)
This paper proposes an Inchworm Boring Robot(IBR) which is a type of wireline robot for planetary subsurface exploration. The IBR has two key tools-excavating auger and discharging auger which are directly interacted with the planetary regolith in the drilling process. For obtaining the drilling load characteristics of IBR, an inchworm-type drilling(More)
A material vertical vibration conveying method based on a vibratory plate's anisotropic friction surface is proposed in this study. In order to explain the material's movement behavior, a mechanical model of interaction between the material and plate is established and solved by the numerical method. The effects of equivalent coefficient of sliding friction(More)
A harmonic horizontally vibratory conveying method based on a vibrating plate with zigzag morphology was proposed. Especially, the method is suitable for low gravity environment on lunar surface. In this paper, the feasibility of method and the effect of vibration conditions to particles unidirectional conveying characteristics were simulated by the(More)
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