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High response quality is critical for many best-effort interactive services, and at the same time, reducing energy consumption can directly reduce the operational cost of service providers. In this paper, we study the quality-energy tradeoff for such services by using a composite performance metric that captures their relative importance in practice:(More)
In many deployments, computer systems are underutilized -- meaning that applications have performance requirements that demand less than full system capacity. Ideally, we would take advantage of this under-utilization by allocating system resources so that the performance requirements are met and energy is minimized. This optimization problem is complicated(More)
Power and thermal dissipation constrain multicore performance scaling. Modern processors are built such that they could sustain damaging levels of power dissipation, creating a need for systems that can implement processor power caps. A particular challenge is developing systems that can maximize performance within a power cap, and approaches have been(More)
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