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PURPOSE Retinoids, which include vitamin A (retinol; ROL) and its derivatives, have been investigated in the treatment of bladder cancer. We have shown that expression of the enzyme lecithin:ROL acyltransferase (LRAT), which converts ROL to retinyl esters, is reduced in several human cancers. Here we evaluated expression of LRAT protein and mRNA in normal(More)
—With the rapid development of information technology associated with the increase of information consumption, information demand is having influence on the development of information industry as it is the beginning of information consumption. Researching the information demand of domestic residents can fundamentally solve the shortage and diversity of(More)
—Industrial agglomeration has gradually become an economic focus in recent years. Scholars has done a lot of research about the formation mechanism of industry agglomeration and its influencing factors, but the spatial correlation of variables has still been neglected. Firstly this paper gives a brief introduction about Geoda software and Matlab neural(More)
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