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In this paper, the reason for the deterioration of electric power quality in ship networks these years is discussed. And the necessity of improvement of marine power quality is described considering the effects of this phenomena on economical operation of ship and reliability of marine systems. Afterwards, the criteria of power quality that have been issued(More)
Firstly, a mathematical model of main engine cooling water temperature regulation system is established according to the working principle of the high temperature fresh water cooling system. Secondly, the aforementioned system is chosen as the research object and a neuron-based adaptive control system is applied to regulate the temperature of cooling water.(More)
—This paper introduces the actuality of CANopen protocol and its analysis software. The importance of CANopen protocol intelligent analysis system be applied in debugging and installing control system based on CAN field bus is also discussed. Meanwhile, approach on design and implementation and application samples are given, too.
This paper analyses the practical faults existing in large power electricity-driven equipment of vessels, and discusses safety strategy and driven control system optimization. The reliability is designed both in hardware and software respectively. It is of high effect that the fault tolerant is used as the non-key fault control. Moreover, the embedded(More)
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