Huayang Zhu

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This paper presents a new computational framework for modeling chemically reacting flow in anode-supported solid-oxide fuel cells ͑SOFC͒. Depending on materials and operating conditions, SOFC anodes afford a possibility for internal reforming or catalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbon fuels. An important new element of the model is the capability to(More)
This paper reports experimental and modeling investigations of thermal methane reforming chemistry within porous Ni–YSZ anode materials. Because the reforming chemistry is difficult to observe directly in an operating fuel cell, a specially designed experiment is developed. In the experiment a 0.75 mm-thick anode is sandwiched between two small co-flowing(More)
A new capability is developed that enables the modeling of certain logistics-fuel reformers. The system described in this paper considers a shell-and-tube configuration for which the catalytic reforming chemistry is confined within the tubes. The models are designed to accommodate detailed gas-phase and catalytic reaction kinetics, possibly including(More)
INTRODUCTION: Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is capable of non-invasively measuring water diffusion in vivo. While DTI has been widely em delineate potential white matter abnormality in different neurological diseases, registration of diffusion tensor images across different subjects i prerequisite for detailed statistical analysis on voxel-by-voxel basis.(More)
—Electromagnetic radiation by dipole antenna loaded with general bi-isotropic objects is investigated using time-domain integral equations. By introducing pairs of equivalent electric and magnetic sources, electromagnetic fields inside a homogeneous bi-isotropic region can be represented by these sources over its boundary. A series of coupled surface(More)
This paper discusses model-predictive controllers (MPC) that can incorporate physical knowledge of fuel-cell behavior into real-time multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) process-control strategies. The controller development begins with a high-fidelity, transient, physical model that represents the physical and chemical processes responsible for fuel-cell(More)
The NPDGamma γ-ray detector has been built to measure, with high accuracy, the size of the small parity-violating asymmetry in the angular distribution of gamma rays from the capture of polarized cold neutrons by protons. The high cold neutron flux at the Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center (LANSCE) spallation neutron source and control of systematic(More)
The NPDGamma experiment will measure the parity-violating directional gamma ray asymmetry A γ in the reaction [Formula: see text]. Ultimately, this will constitute the first measurement in the neutron-proton system that is sensitive enough to challenge modern theories of nuclear parity violation, providing a theoretically clean determination of the weak(More)
A novel co-flow heat exchanger intended for volumetrically efficient hydrogen production and utilizing catalytic surface combustion to drive endothermic steam reforming occurring in adjacent channels has been investigated experimentally and numerically. A single plate reactor has been developed for studying the complex interactions between H 2 or CH 4(More)
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