Huaxin Xu

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Most existing systems detect events in broadcast team sports video using only internal audio-visual (AV) features with limited success. We found that there are many widely available external knowledge sources - such as match reports and real-time game logs in newspapers and on the Web - that can help in detecting events. This paper proposes a scalable(More)
The use of AV features alone is insufficient to induce high-level semantics. This article proposes a framework that utilizes both internal AV features and various types of external information sources for event detection in team sports video. Three schemes are also proposed to tackle the asynchronism between the fusion of AV and external information. The(More)
Our previous research shows that the use of multiple sources of information based on intrinsic AV features and external knowledge helps to detect events in soccer video. To make the system scalable, we process each source of information independently before fusing the detection results. The fusion of results is vital to the success under this architecture.(More)
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