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Data correlations are relationships among heterogeneous data. They reflect the correlations among the heterogeneous data sources on business logics, and are very significant to data exchange, data integration and so on. Traditional methods of data exchange neglect the direct-correlations among data, and meanwhile, existing data models have limitations on(More)
Behavior adaptation of Software component is a crucial problem in component-based software engineering. A general approach is proposed to solve the behavior mismatch. Firstly, the synchronous vector between component behaviors according to the abstract specification of component behavior is calculated, and the specification of the adaptor is given. Then, in(More)
The conventional methods to solve the multi-route choice problems in transportation domain usually focus on the feelings and behaviors of human beings, which lead the conclusion of conjectured not to be reasonable, such as fare clearing or passenger flow data forecast and distribution. In the modern urban rail transit network, modern operation pattern with(More)
The modern public traffic system provides more intelligence and efficiency services. These great requirements leading the complex services systems, such as the automatic fare collection in the urban rail transit system to convenient to passengers. In this paper, a novel method in a formal way is proposed to model and analyze the metro services mechanism by(More)
In the modern petroleum development and production process, a context-aware and self-adaptive environment is required to satisfy the dynamic changes of the well site operations. With the ubiquitous computing technology, a framework of high-confidence petroleum extraction software system is proposed to capture the system reconfiguration to fit special(More)
Behavior adaptation of Web service uses an adaptor to coordinate the interaction of Web services and solves behavior mismatch. An automatic and safe approach of Web service behavior adaptation is proposed. Firstly, the model and framework of Web service behavior adaptation is given. Then, the formal specification of service behavior and the definition of(More)
Similarity is one of the important characteristics of traffic flow time series, it reflects the same property of every two time series, and it is very significant to traffic flow prediction and traffic guidance. There are many prediction models based on similarity, but they neglect the direct impacts of historical data more or less. So, based on similarity(More)
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