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This paper address issues that arise in copyright protection systems of digital images, which employ blind watermark verification structures in the curvelet domain. First, we observe that statistical distribution with heavy algebraic tails, such as the alpha-stable family, are in many cases more accurate modeling tools for the curvelet coefficients than(More)
Western industrial cluster literature pays little attention to specialized markets (SMs) and the geographical agglomeration of distributors or sale agencies (SAs). This paper takes Linyin, Shandong, a famous commodity city in Northeastern China, as an example, to discuss the determinants that make SAs in SMs of the toy industry move towards upstream(More)
Rough logic is a nonstandard logic defined information systems. In the paper, meaning of the logical formulas is defined as granulation. Operations, related properties of the granulations are discussed further. Lock resolution of the granulations is studied. Studying significance of the granulations will offer an application in inference of expert systems.(More)
Extant research pays little attention to unorganized migrant workers' skill accumulation/upgrading from the perspective of the labor supply. This paper takes China as an example to explore the factors influencing the skill accumulation of rural–urban migrant workers (RUMWs), with the purpose of discovering how to sustain or reshape regional competitive(More)
Developing an effective target appearance model is a challenging task due to the influence of factors such as partial occlusion, illumination variations, fast motion, etc. Existing appearance models usually utilize the tracking results from previous frames as target templates upon which the target appearance model is built by linear combinations of the(More)
Knowledge learning and diffusion have long been discussed in the literature on the dynamics of industrial clusters, but recent literature provides little evidence for how different actors serve as knowledge brokers in the upgrading process of apprentice-based clusters, and does not dynamically consider how to preserve the sustainability of these clusters.(More)
Against the background of economic transformation and urban renewal, the protection and sustainable development of urban industrial landscapes has become an important practical issue, and how to maintain the unique local culture of these landscapes is key to solving the problem. By integrating the concept of " layer " and regarding the landscape as text,(More)