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This paper address issues that arise in copyright protection systems of digital images, which employ blind watermark verification structures in the curvelet domain. First, we observe that statistical distribution with heavy algebraic tails, such as the alpha-stable family, are in many cases more accurate modeling tools for the curvelet coefficients than(More)
Equity crowdfunding via the Internet is a new channel of raising money for startups. It features low barriers to entry, low cost, and high speed, and thus encourages innovation. In recent years, equity crowdfunding in China has experienced some developments. However, some problems remain unsolved in practice. Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed(More)
Rough logic is a nonstandard logic defined information systems. In the paper, meaning of the logical formulas is defined as granulation. Operations, related properties of the granulations are discussed further. Lock resolution of the granulations is studied. Studying significance of the granulations will offer an application in inference of expert systems.(More)
Western industrial cluster literature pays little attention to specialized markets (SMs) and the geographical agglomeration of distributors or sale agencies (SAs). This paper takes Linyin, Shandong, a famous commodity city in Northeastern China, as an example, to discuss the determinants that make SAs in SMs of the toy industry move towards upstream(More)
Ruscio who provided an important industry perspective on the development and diffusion of powder coatings in the United States and Europe. Errors of fact or interpretation remain the exclusive responsibility of the authors. We welcome comments and suggestions. CGGC conducted a review of the development and diffusion of powder coatings in the United States(More)
This paper discusses a type of intelligent transfusion system based on computer vision, which key is the algorithm of image segmentation and liquid level detection. The template matching is adopted for image segmentation, and a fast and efficient automatic detection algorithm is proposed to detect liquid level by designing temporal difference, accumulative(More)