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Multiplexed parallel reaction monitoring targeting histone modifications on the QExactive mass spectrometer.
Histone acetylation and methylation play an important role in the regulation of gene expression. Irregular patterns of histone global acetylation and methylation have frequently been seen in variousExpand
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Effects of trichostatin A (TSA) on growth and gene expression in HeLa cells
ObjectiveTo investigate the expressions of p53, RB1, Fas, c-fos, Ras, EGFR mRNA in human cervical cancer (HeLa) cell in response to the trichostatin A (TSA).MethodsWe took count of HeLa cells inExpand
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Ethyl acetate as a co-solvent and sacrificial ester in the aluminum triiodide promoted chemoselective demethylation of methyl vanillate
Abstract A synthetic approach towards methyl protocatechuate via chemoselective ether cleavage of methyl vanillate without affecting the carboxylate group is disclosed utilizing a ternary reagentExpand
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