Huarui Zhang

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We propose Distributional Consistency (DC) as a general method for defining a Core Lexicon. The property of DC is investigated theoretically and empirically, showing that it is clearly distinguishable from word frequency and range of distribution. DC is also shown to reflect intuitive interpretations, especially when its value is close to 1. Its immediate(More)
The basic statistic tools used in computational and corpus linguistics to capture distributional information have not changed much in the past 20 years even though many standard tools have been proved to be inadequate. In this demo (SMR-Cmp), we adopt the new tool of Square-MeanRoot (SMR) similarity, which measures the evenness of distribution between(More)
Existing treebanks of Mandarin Chinese such as the Sinica Treebank, the Harbin Institute of Technology Treebank, and the Penn Chinese Treebank, parse Chinese serial verb constructions incorrectly or inconsistently in terms of headedness, i.e. which verb to be assigned with the label of syntactic and/or semantic “head”. Aspectual markers in serial verb(More)
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