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Poor visibiLity of the hydrauLic drive system, usually to bring some troubleshooting difficult. In this paper, parameter measurement based fault diagnosis method, through quantitative analysis of system parameters and logical analysis, to achieve the accurate diagnosis of the hydrauLic system failure, fault diagnosis with scientific accuracy and rapidity.(More)
As a well known statistical method, logistic discrimination has been successfully used in many practical applications including medical diagnosis and personal credit assessment. In this paper, we apply this model to imbalanced problem which is also referred to as skewed or rare class problem, characterized by having many more instances of one class(More)
A forest is an ensemble with decision trees as members. This paper proposes a novel strategy to pruning forest to enhance ensemble generalization ability and reduce ensemble size. Unlike conventional ensemble pruning approaches, the proposed method tries to evaluate the importance of branches of trees with respect to the whole ensemble using a novel(More)
In recent years, imbalanced learning problem has attracted more and more attentions from both academia and industry, and the problem is concerned with the performance of learning algorithms in the presence of data with severe class distribution skews. In this paper, we apply the well-known statistical model logistic discrimination to this problem and(More)
Class-imbalance is quite common in real world. For the imbalanced class distribution, traditional state-of-the-art classifiers do not work well on imbalanced data sets. In this paper, we apply logistic regression model to class-imbalance problem, and propose a novel algorithm called CILR (Class Imbalance oriented Logistic Regression) to tackle imbalanced(More)