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Tone plays an important lexical role in spoken tonal languages like Mandarin Chinese. In this paper we propose a two-pass search strategy for improving tonal syllable recognition performance. In the first pass, instantaneous F0 information is employed along with corresponding cepstral information in a 2-stream HMM based decoding. The stream which(More)
LSP has many advantages for speech representation, especially correlates well to spectrum formants as long as the LSP parameters are strictly ordered and bounded. This ordering property cannot be guaranteed during HMM-based speech synthesis when LSP is adopted as the spectrum feature, because diagonal covariance is utilized and correlation between LSP(More)
Tone plays an important role in recognizing spoken tonal languages like Chinese. However, the F0 contour discontinuity between voiced and unvoiced segments has traditionally been a bottleneck in modeling tone contour for automatic speech recognition and synthesis and various heuristic approaches were proposed to get around the problem. The Multi-Space(More)
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