Huanjiong Zhang

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With the source of information gaining strongly in the international network, people more and more take pay attention to how to quickly and valuably mining the useful information in the network. The main method of information mining is to apply the technology of search engine. The existing search engine has some defects, these defects restricts the(More)
Under the synchronous condition, based on the character of the receiving signal constructs and the theory of finite operator, a new decorrelating multi-user detection method is obtained. With this new method, the computation of the reverse matrix of the correlating matrix can be avoided, so it is very valid to decrease the computing complexity. Besides, the(More)
Based on the deeply analysis of the criteria of the time-domain equalization, a new concise criterion is pointed out, and a novel scheme of the time-domain equalization machine is also designed in. To compare this new criterion with the traditional criteria, the complexity of computation can decrease strongly, so this new equalization machine expresses very(More)
The asset management and schedule measure in Grid computing system are the key technologies of describing the network resources, network management and task assignment. The intelligent schedule measure in Grid Internet system is researched, the essential conditions of realizing intelligent schedule measure are discussed, one intelligent schedule measure is(More)
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