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Common genetic variants (single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs) in microRNA (miRNA) genes may alter their maturation or expression and play a role in the formation of human cancer. Recently, the association between the SNP rs6505162 in pre-miR-423 and cancer risk has been frequently evaluated in diverse populations and in a range of cancers. In this study,(More)
The current study is the first attempt to examine the association between the Dark Triad of personality (i.e., Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy) and corruption through a mediator-belief in good luck. Based on Ajzen's theory of planned behavior, we assumed that individuals with Dark Triad would be more likely to engage in corruption as a result(More)
The present study attempts to examine the effect of perceived descriptive norms on corrupt intention (e.g., bribe-taking intention) and then further explore the psychological mechanism underlying this effect. Based on social cognitive theory, we established a mediation model in which moral disengagement partially mediated the link between perceived(More)
Persistent use of the diphenyl ether herbicides oxyfluorfen may seriously increase the health risks and ecological safety problems. A newly bacterium R-21 isolated from active soil was able to degrade and utilize oxyfluorfen as the sole carbon source. R-21 was identified as Chryseobacterium aquifrigidense by morphology, physiobiochemical characteristics,(More)
Previous studies on reducing employees' cyberloafing behaviors have primarily examined the external control factors but seldomly taken individual internal subjective factors into consideration. Future orientation, an important individual factor, is defined as the extent to which one plans for future time and considers future consequences of one's current(More)
The security management of group key is essential to secure multicast. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of a key management scheme for secure multicast, and proposes a new rekeying scheme based on it. By adding one-way hash function, some users can calculate the keys along the path from their own point to root by themselves, and during a(More)
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