Huanhuan Feng

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In this paper we describe a new approach to quantify the stability and coalescence kinetics of thermally switchable emulsions using an imaging-based microcentrifugation method. We first show that combining synchronized high-speed imaging with microfluidic centrifugation allows the direct measurement of the thermodynamic stability of emulsions, as expressed(More)
Polymer chains grafted onto nanoparticles may facilitate the dispersion of such particles in a polymer solution. We explore the optimal strategy for stabilizing polymer-grafted nanoparticles using self-consistent field theory and experiments. The best results are obtained for relatively low grafting densities and for chain lengths of the brush polymer NB(More)
We present a hydrodynamic model for film formation in a dense oil-in-water emulsion under a unidirectional drying stress. Water flow through the plateau borders towards the drying end leads to the buildup of a pressure gradient. When the local pressure exceeds the critical disjoining pressure, the water films between droplets break and the droplets(More)
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