Huangyan Li

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A novel scheme for ball bearing faults detection is presented based on Hilbert-Huang transformation and its energy spectrum. The basic method is introduced in detail. The energy spectrum is applied in the research of the faults diagnosis for the ball bearing of machine tool. Firstly, the analyzed vibration signals are separated into a series of intrinsic(More)
Frequency selective surface (FSS) as one kind of spatial filter is potential for realizing new generation stealth aircraft. The idea of “smart-skins” for radome based on active FSS (AFSS) is proposed in this paper. The PIN diodes are symmetrically loaded into two layer modified square loop slot FSSs with reasonable feeder structure in one(More)
In this paper, a phase random metasurfaces (PRMs) based on hexagon patch with two semi-circular slot has been presented. The novelty of the proposed design lies in its two corner semi-circular slots, which makes the resonant frequency varies with the circular radius. The range of shift phase is −170°∼160° for a fixed slot over(More)
A novel third-order band-pass frequency selective surface (FSS) is proposed in this paper. This FSS has a good filtering performance at 16-18GHz in the terms of band-pass flatness and steep-cutoff characteristic by using multi-layer surfaces cascade coupling each other. The FSS is comprised by three patch surfaces and two aperture surfaces with the total(More)
A novel frequency selective radome (FSR), which is “transparent” within the operating band of the antenna while absorbing out-of-band incoming waves in a very wide band, is presented in this article. In order to absorb undesired signals out of the band, square loops loaded with lumped resistors are used. The pass-band property is realized by(More)
Miniaturized combined-element frequency selective surfaces (CEFSSs) for tri-band applications are proposed using complementary structures. The three pass-bands of the proposed structures can be designed independently, which makes the design process much easier and more flexible than traditional tri-band FSSs. Besides, comparing to former designed(More)
In this paper, we propose a multifunctional active frequency selective surface (MAFSS), which can be switched freely between the electromagnetic switching function and the polarization selection function. Thus, four different working states can be attained by controlling two external bias networks independently. Resonant structures take upon themselves the(More)
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