Huang-chi Lin

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The aims of this study were to develop diagnostic criteria of Internet addiction for college students (DC-IA-C) with diagnostic interviews and to establish the optimal cutoff points of the Chen Internet Addiction Scale (CIAS) for the purposes of screening for and making the diagnosis of Internet addiction. A total of 216 college students (132 male and 84(More)
The aims of this study were: (1) to examine the prevalence of symptoms of problematic cellular phone use (CPU); (2) to examine the associations between the symptoms of problematic CPU, functional impairment caused by CPU and the characteristics of CPU; (3) to establish the optimal cut-off point of the number of symptoms for functional impairment caused by(More)
The aim of the study is to determine the incidence and remission rates for Internet addiction and the associated predictive factors in young adolescents over a 1-year follow-up. This was a prospective, population-based investigation. Five hundred seventeen students (267 male and 250 female) were recruited from three junior high schools in southern Taiwan.(More)
AIMS The aim of the present study was to gain insight into the prevalence of depression and its association with self-esteem, family, peer and school factors in a large-scale representative Taiwanese adolescent population. METHODS A total of 12,210 adolescent students were recruited into the present study. Subjects with a score >28 on the Center for(More)
This study aims to examine the prevalence and sociodemographics, family and peer correlates of tattooing among high school students in southern Taiwan, and to examine the associations between tattooing and a variety of adolescent risk-taking behaviors and depression. A total of 9755 high school students (grades 7 to 12) in southern Taiwan were recruited(More)
BACKGROUND A sudden change in antipsychotics in the pharmacotherapy of schizophrenia might worsen the clinical condition or induce a relapse of psychotic symptoms. This study reports on shifting from other antipsychotics to aripiprazole during the course of treatment, with further analysis of factors related to a successful switch. METHODS An(More)
This study examined the methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) retention rates of heroin users in Taiwan and the predictors for dropout in the 18-month period after starting MMT. We consecutively recruited 368 intravenous heroin users receiving MMT in 2007-2008 and applied Cox proportional hazards regression analysis to determine the predictive effect of pre-(More)
The aims of this study were to examine the difference in the level of insight into schizophrenia between patients with schizophrenia with and without comorbid alcohol use disorders (AUDs) and to examine the association between insight into schizophrenia and insight into AUDs in patients with comorbid schizophrenia and AUDs. A total of 51 schizophrenic(More)
A recombinant vaccine strain SL3261/pLT105 of attenuated aroA Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium SL3261 strain expressing a secreted dengue virus type 2 non-structural NS1 and Yersinia pestis F1 (Caf1) fusion protein, rNS1:Caf1, was generated. Immunological evaluation was performed by prime-boost vaccine regimen. Oral immunization of mice with 1 x(More)