Huang Zhiping

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This paper proposes a metod of blind parameter identification of a convolutional encoder in soft-decision situations. The problem can be addressed on the context of the non-cooperative communications or adaptive coding and modulations (ACM) for cognitive radio networks. We consider an intelligent communication receiver which can blindly recognize the coding(More)
Abstract—This paper introduces a simulation method of ship wake based on particle system in virtual test. According to analyze the attributes of the ship wake bubble particle, we simulate ship wake as a collection of primitive and kinetic particles that define its boundaries. The resulting model is able to represent motion, changes of form, and dynamics(More)
Circle packing method is adopted to configure cymbal transducer arrays in regular regions. The configuration strategy is introduced in detail, and the configuration results are presented. Minimum Variance Distortion less Response (MVDR) beam former is used to optimize the beams of the cymbal transducer arrays, and the beam patterns are simulated in MATLAB.(More)
5  Abstract—It’s present in this paper an extended application of blind frame synchronization technique on secure communication systems which use sparse parity check matrix codes as forward error-correcting (FEC) coding to control the errors during transmissions. We address this problem on the secure communication context that a(More)
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