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During intravascular hemolysis in human disease, vasomotor tone and organ perfusion may be impaired by the increased reactivity of cell-free plasma hemoglobin (Hb) with NO. We experimentally produced acute intravascular hemolysis in a canine model in order to test the hypothesis that low levels of decompartmentalized or cell-free plasma Hb will severely(More)
Hemoglobin (Hb) potently inactivates the nitric oxide (NO) radical via a dioxygenation reaction forming nitrate (NO(3)(-)). This inactivation produces endothelial dysfunction during hemolytic conditions and may contribute to the vascular complications of Hb-based blood substitutes. Hb also functions as a nitrite (NO(2)(-)) reductase, converting nitrite into(More)
An effective heuristic algorithm for solving the minimum makespan problem of job shop scheduling is presented. With a given feasible solution as a start point, we use Taboo Search technique to get a schedule for each neighbor of all its neighbors, and select the best one of the schedules as the new start point. We repeat the procedure, unless the new start(More)
The characteristics of rapid parallel computing of modern computer hardware are utilized in this paper. Hierarchy structures of CityGML building models are constructedin CPU dynamically by taking advantage of their spatial patterns and semantic relations. We present an approach for sending modification data to GPU buffers in batches so that communication(More)
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