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Study on the sleep improvement effect of the instant asparagus powder
Objective:To study the sleep improvement effect of instant asparagus powder on mice.Methods:Healthy KM male mice with the body weight of 18~22g were divided into groups randomly,then mice were
Cadmium toxicity and differences in tolerance to cadmium of various soybean varieties.
Soybean is a sensitive crop to cadmium. Cadmium tolerance of various soybean varieties is different because of their inheritance.A nutrient hydroponic experiment was conducted to probe the toxic
Fertilizer applications for tobacco and nutrient absorption in tobacco under rice-tabacco rotation
The results showed that in the region applying rice-tabacco rotation, soil contributed little to the yield of tobacco crops, butield in no fertilizer area only accounted for 39.4% of that in area with balanced NPK fertilization; with the increasing of N,P and K, the yield increased first, and then declined; and the fertilizer treatment with thebalanced NPK showed the highest tobacco yield, the best economic yield, and the best yield increasing effect.
Effect of different fertilization treatments on yield and nutrients uptake of Chinese cabbage and cabbage
A field plot experiment was conducted to study effect of different fertilization treatments on yield,nutrients uptake and nutrients use efficiency of Chinese cabbage and cabbage.The results showed
Study on extraction process of chlorophyll and preparation of sodium copper chlorophyllin from Asparagus officinalis leaves
The extraction process of chlorophyll and the preparation of sodium copper chlorophyllin from leaves of Asparagus officinalis were studied.The results showed that the extraction solvent was 80%
Design of the early-warning index system for Xi'an real estate market
Based on investigating history data during 1996–2006, the WISRM for Xi'an city is built up by combining principal component analysis with time-difference correlation analysis, which consists of 17 indicators sorted by time difference correlation.
Effects of Rice-Based Cropping System, Applying Rate of Organic Manure and Ground Water Level on Organic Phosphorus Fractions of Paddy Soil Derived from Quarternary Red Caly
A long-term located experiment was carried out to study the effect of rice-based cropping system,organic manure and ground water level on organic phosphorus fractions of paddy soil derived from