Huang Yi-Ran

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Problem-based learning is a popular approach in the medical profession constructivist teaching model. In this paper, the problem-based learning teaching mode is analyzed and is applied into teaching operating system course. We design problem-based teaching and learning projects, investigate the arising key problems in the teaching practice, and propose some(More)
Abstract By taking into account of the cost of return messages, a new multi-round divisible loads scheduling algorithm is designed on the heterogeneous cluster of multi-core processors with unknown system parameters. The algorithm consists of probing system parameters stage and distributing loads stage. In the two-round probing stage, master first(More)
According to the characteristics of multi-core architectures and binary storage property of integer sequence, this paper proposes an efficient thread-level parallel algorithm for sorting integer sequence on multi-core computers. The algorithm divides the input integer sequence to several data blocks in main memory and distributes these blocks into the(More)
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