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In this paper, a new method had been developed, which is suitable to estimate methane emissions from rice fields in China at present. The method is developed based upon the methane models developed in China, different from those recommended by OECD/IPCC. The influences of climate conditions, field water management, organic fertilizers and soil types on(More)
The correct relationships between real and virtual objects are of utmost importance to a realistic augmented reality system, in which the occlusion handling method should be able to estimate the spatial relationships between real and virtual objects, as well as handle the mutual occlusion automatically in real-time. To accomplish the above tasks(More)
Electro-pneumatic proportional valve, as an important electro-pneumatic conversion element in pneumatic technology, has been widely applied in many pneumatic servo control systems. A novel nozzle flapper electro-pneumatic proportional pressure valve driven by piezoelectric motor instead of the traditional torque motor was proposed in this paper. The(More)
We can research the impact of water quality on fish activity by tracking and measuring the fish swim speed. In order to achieve the tracking and test the velocity to the fish movement under the complex background, the paper takes the method of video tracking algorithm based on the Background subtraction method and the Adaptive Kalman Filtering. Also it(More)
  • Huang Yao
  • 2010 International Conference On Computer Design…
  • 2010
STAP is an effective method for clutter suppressing and Reduced-rank STAP can reduce the calculation quantity as well as memory capacity. The connection between the eigenvectors of the clutter covariance matrix and the reduced-rank subspace is analyzed. A method based on the solution of linear equations which can get the whole eigenvectors of the minimum(More)
Based on the experiment method, the mechanical properties, adhesion, corrosion performance, appearance of the hot dip aluminized steel, and the thickness of aluminized layer were analyzed. The study showed that, after the hot dip aluminized process, the corrosion performance was improved, adhesion and appearance can meet the requirements of application in(More)
PURPOSE To explore the molecular mechanism of Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 (VEGFR-1) in invasion and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma. METHODS Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction was performed to test expression of VEGFR-1 and its ligand VEGF-B19 in four hepatoma carcinoma cell. Fluorescent immunohistochemistry and(More)
Post-classification comparison is a common approach used for multi-sensor remote sensed imagery change detection in practice because it not only minimizes the impacts of sensor difference between multi-temporal images but also detect the detailed ‘from-to’ change while many other techniques can only detect ‘change/non-change’(More)
Tight junction (TJ) injuries induced by pepsin–trypsin-resistant gliadin (PT–G) play an important role in the pathogenesis of celiac disease. Previously, 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 (VD3) was reported to be a TJ regulator that attenuates lipopolysaccharide- and alcohol-induced TJ injuries. However, whether VD3 can attenuate PT–G-induced TJ injuries is(More)
Obtaining the correct occlusion relationship between real objects and virtual objects is vital for improving augmented reality technology. In this paper, we propose a novel occlusion handling method using moving volume and ray casting techniques. Our method is divided into two steps. In the first step, we obtain the volume of the corresponding physical(More)