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This article reports the results of an eye-tracking experiment that investigated the processing of coordinate structures in Chinese sentence comprehension. The study tracked the eye movements of native Chinese readers as they read sentences consisting of two independent clauses connected by the word huo zhe. The data strongly confirmed readers' preference(More)
Aiming at the difficulties of blind doppler parameters estimation for QAM signals in the satellite communication on-the-move (SCOTM) system, a new joint algorithm of blind doppler frequency and doppler-rate estimation based on cyclic-statistical tests and phase difference is proposed. By detecting one of the cyclic frequencies of QAM signals, located at the(More)
In this paper, we concentrate on equalization algorithms for amplitude and phase-modulated (APM) signals in non-cooperative burst communication, and have designed a multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm based on cyclic iteration. The algorithm could achieve a faster and more effective blind equalization while just using the samples of the receiver.(More)
This paper presents in detail an analysis of the ability of data hiding capabilities. According to the human visual features, this paper uses edge degree which can be computed by Log points, and combines distributed evenly degrees with sigmoid function which is adopted to describe bright hiding capability, and proposes an effective method to measure the(More)
Currently, the laser velocity measurement forensics system used in road transport systems includes a velocimeter, charge-coupled device (CCD) camera, image card, and PC. Among these, the CCD camera, image card, and PC are components of car image forensics systems. Because car information collection and the forensics of road transport systems are carried out(More)
The memory wall problem is one of the important issues in modern computer system — it affects the system performance in spite of the powerful processor. The emergence of multi-core processors has further exacerbated the problem. On the other hand, the increasing use of the linked data structure in applications aggravates the memory access latency.(More)
Based on spectral symmetric cavity with respect to fiber Bragg gratings bandwidth, a 1120 nm narrow linewidth ytterbium-doped-fiber laser is demonstrated. A maximum output power of 14.67 W is obtained corresponding to an optical efficiency of 63.5 %. The measured center wavelength of the output laser is 1118.7 nm with a linewidth as narrow as 0.08 nm. The(More)
In this work, we propose a novel improved adaptive seam carving technique to image retargeting. Experimental results demonstrate that, when compared with the previous seam carving techniques, the proposed one efficiently prevents distortions in the regions of interest (ROIs) and leads to significantly better result image quality. Two importance factors were(More)