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Volatile compounds in soy sauce were isolated using solvent extraction action and analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.The major odor-active compounds of soy sauce were 4-hydroxy-2
Effect of fucoidan on splenic lymphocyte apoptosis induced by radiation
Results indicate that fucoidan as an immunoregulatory chemical could promo te the recovery of immunologic function in irradiated rats.
Rapid Determination of SudanI-IVin Food by GC-MS/SIM
A new method was established for determining SudanⅠ-Ⅳin food by gas chromatography-mass spectrum with selected ion monitor(GC-MS/SIM).The conditions of GC-MS were optimized,and the selected ions were
Simultaneous analysis of eight mental drugs with amide structure by GC-MS
A new method was established for determining 8 mental drugs with amide structure in the toxicosis accident by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry(GC-MS).In this method.,in order to get the best
Characteristics and influencing factors of reservoirs in the Ordovician Yinshan Formation of the ka1 three dimensional seismic area within Katake uplift,Tarim basin
The Ordovician Yinshan Formation in Tarim basin has been regarded as the focus layer for breakthrough in oil and gas exploration.Through comprehensive use of cores,slices,logging,analytical and test
The clinical features and long time follow-up of neonatal lupus erythematosus in 12 children
The hematologic changes and the hepatic impairment returned to normal, cutaneous lesions and autoantibodies disappeared about 6 to 12 months after birth in the 11 cases, at the time when maternal antibodies exhausted in the neonatal circulation.
College of Fine Management
Along with the deepening of the reform of higher education,colleges and universities extensive management style has been the development of higher education can not meet the modern,sophisticated
A Model of TCSL Teacher Training Based on Classroom Teaching Video-case
The present teacher training model of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language(TCSL) focus on more knowledge,but less skills.That is not good for quick growing of teachers,and Chinese going out.The
Two-phase seepage theory in unsaturated rock and soil based on Buckley-levererett equation
The groundwater flow in saturated-unsaturated zone is a process of the two-phase seepage of water and gas in rain.In order to know this process clearly,on the basis of Buckley-Leverett equation,the
Effect of fucoidan on lymphocyte apoptosis and apoptosis-related gene expression induced by irradiation
Fucoidan could markedly inhibit the effects of radiation on apoptosis and the ratio of Bcl-2/Bax protein in a dose-dependent manner and its mechanism could be associated with its regulation on expressions of B cl-2 and Bax proteins in splenic lymphocyte.