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Design and Fabrication of Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds via Rapid Prototyping and CAD
Abstract It is an important aspect that rapid prototyping technique can be used into tissue engineering. Biomimetic porous scaffolds made of calcium phosphate mineral are promising structures toExpand
jiao shan shi - rong ti jian wei liang yuan su fen pei xi shu shi yan yan jiu
微量元素在矿物与熔体间的分布与其物质组成、矿物结构以及温度、压力等有关。为了研究温度和压力对角闪石-熔体间微量元素分配系数的影响,我们对采自豫西伊川-汝阳的含水玄武岩进行了熔融结晶实验。在中国科学院地球化学研究所地球内部物质高温高压院重点实验室CS-3600t多顶砧压力机上完成了两个系列的实验:(1)温度系列,保持压力p=0.6 GPa和加热时间t=100Expand
A Method for Semiconductor Electronic Components Character Detection Based on OpenCV
Character detection is a necessary inspection process after semiconductor electronic components are produced.This paper introduces an on-line detection system with computer vision for semiconductorExpand