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This paper describes a novel approach which combines the acoustic analysis using MFCC and the speaker's mean pitch to improve the performance of the gender recognition. In acoustic analysis, two sets of Gaussian mixture model (GMM), male and female, are trained from the speech, and the most likely sequence of models with corresponding likelihood scores are(More)
Image inpainting is a technique to repair damaged images or modify images in a non-detectable form. In this paper, a novel global algorithm for region filling is proposed for image inpainting. After removing objects from an image, our approach fills the regions using patches taken from the image. The filling process is formulated as an energy minimization(More)
Nowadays, microblogging has been a popular social network service whose population has incredibly increased in past few years. Many business companies regard microblogging service as an indispensable medium to directly obtain timely opinions from customers and potential customers. A community in social network refers to a crowd of people having similar(More)
This thesis studies the dynamic relationship between China's real estate prices and inflation rate by examining the relationship between the Consumer Price Index and Nanjing housing sales price index, to use cointegration test, the VEC model and Granger causality test, the results show that both indices are Granger causality to each other, and there is a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the effects of hydroxyapatite (HA)/chitosan (CS)-transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) composite coatings on titanium surfaces, as well as on the attachment and proliferation of osteoblasts. METHODS HA/CS-TGF-β1 composite coatings were prepared on titanium surfaces by physical, chemical, and biological modifications.(More)
This paper analyses the consequence between "human- center doctrine" and ecologic crisis, and puts forward a new commercial mode-ecologic company which is responsible to the society and environments. And then it discusses connotation, basic mind of ecologic company, and the difference between the ecologic company and the traditional company. At last, this(More)
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