Huang Ti-Yun

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In automated multi-attribute negotiation, negotiation agent can get a better deal by using heuristic methods to make effective tradeoff or concession between different attributes. In this paper, we proposed a multi-attribute negotiation model based on internal factors argumentation which allows exchanging private information as argumentation, and then can(More)
With the development of information technology, a virtual market based on Internet has come into shape. This is a global, digital and rapid-growing market with great potential. In the new Internet environment, great changes have emerged on the aspects of market property, time and space concept, consuming demands and behavior, etc. Traditional marketing(More)
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a symbol of informatization and modernization of enterprise management. Because different enterprises supply different products or services with different levels of management informatization, their CRM operations will show great differences. The power supply enterprises will conduct CRM differently from other(More)
Persuasion type argument-negotiation system based on agent can meet needs of cooperation among organization. After introduction of this system, advance in this area has been reviewed from three aspects: protocols???strategies and models???development. Then through our research, relative strategies and models???evaluation system and arithmetic in this system(More)
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