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In this paper, an important problem that the security of e-commerce system has become one of the core issues and the main bottlenecks which constraints the development of e-commerce is pointed out; the demand of an e-commerce system security and the realizing process of an e-signature technology as the essential key technology in the safety control are(More)
Business intelligence is that the banking industry has to resolve the majority of the existing bank of the current problems faced by (for example: how to improve customer service, how to control financial risks, and how to improve the bank's operating performance, how to ensure that the sustained growth in profits, etc.) strong one of the weapons; Based on(More)
The Green Technology Innovation (GTI) is an effective way to deal with the problems of ecological environment. Taking the New Energy Vehicle (NEV) technology as an example, it has been explored that the roles of the government, enterprises, the public, universities and research institutions in the green technology innovation by use of big data. The results(More)
  • Huang Tao
  • 2013
Based on the essence of electronic government, this essay classifies and summarizes the obstacles existed in the various fields of electronic government development. It points out that the development of electronic government including not only the application of information technology, but also including IT strategy, government strategy, organizational(More)
This paper addresses feature extraction criterion function of multi-layer feed forward neural networks with linear output units and nonlinear hidden units. From the minimum mean square error function of the network output, the paper uses the nature of matrix trace and singular value decomposition, deduces the formula for calculating the nonlinear criterion(More)
The financial problems often relate to many stochastic differential equations which is difficult to solve. Based on the traditional numerical methods for solving determinate ordinary differential equations (ODEs), the paper presents the numerical methods of stochastic ordinary differential equations (SODEs). The numerical methods mainly considered in the(More)
Decision Suppose System is playing an important role in computer science, technology and engineering, while intelligent decision-making is one of the current hotspots. Intelligent decision-making methods and their algorithms are one of the most important basics and key cores in intelligent information processing, intelligent pervasive computing and so on.(More)
In this paper, a representative algorithm convex hull with half-dividing and recurrence is commented; and according to the isomorphic fundamental theorem of the convex hull construction, a more efficient new algorithm to find a convex hull based on the dynamical base line with a maximum pitch of the dynamical base line is given. The general characters of(More)
At present the problems that people want to solve anxiously are: facing the huge information data pool, how to carry on the effective data mining; in the highly dynamic information source which is the standard to the importance of the information and the degree paid attention to, how to seek the ldquofocusrdquo (namely focus information) from the society,(More)