Huang L Liu

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNAs that are involved in key biological processes, including development, differentiation, and regeneration. The global miRNA expression profile that regulates the regenerative potential of the neonatal mouse heart has not been reported. We performed deep sequencing to determine the genome-wide miRNA expression(More)
BACKGROUND The chronically instrumented fetal sheep is a widely used animal model to study fetal brain development in health and disease, but no methods exist yet to interrogate dedicated brain cell populations to identify their molecular and genomic phenotype. For example, the molecular mechanisms whereby microglia or astrocytes contribute to inflammation(More)
  • Zhao X, He X, Han X, Yu Y, Ye F, Chen Y +90 others
  • 2010
A functional screen implicates microRNA-138-dependent regulation of the depalmitoylation enzyme APT1 in dendritic spine morphogenesis. Integrating microRNA and mRNA expression profiles of neuronal progenitors to identify regulatory networks underlying the onset of cortical neurogenesis. Identification of dynamically regulated microRNA and mRNA networks in(More)
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