Huang Jing

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PURPOSE In this study, we attempted to obtain full dosimetric data for a new (90)Y brachytherapy source developed by the College of Chemistry (Sichuan University) for use in high-dose-rate after-loading systems. MATERIAL AND METHODS The dosimetric data for this new source were used as required by the dose calculation formalisms proposed by the AAPM Task(More)
Cooperative relaying techniques can greatly improve the capacity of the multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) wireless system. The transmit power allocation (TPA) strategies for various relaying protocols have become very important for improving the energy efficiency. This article proposes novel TPA schemes in the MIMO cooperative relaying system. Two(More)
—In this paper, we investigate efficient scheduling algorithms in OFDMA multihop relaying networks. The scheduling scheme is modeled as a multiple objective programming problem to maximize the overall capacity and the number of satisfied users under the minimum rate constraint per user. An improved priority (IPRI) algorithm is exploited with novel(More)
In this paper, we aim at providing users with friendly interface over XML streams and useful data fragments by introducing keyword search related technology into XML streams. We propose a new index which is based on directed acyclic graph to organize the large number of keywords and queries to reduce the cost of query processing, then a stack based method(More)
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