Huang-Jen Chiu

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—This paper presents a dimmable light-emitting diode (LED) driver with adaptive feedback control for low-power lighting applications. An improved pulsewidth modulation dimming technique is studied for regulating the LED current and brightness. Under universal input voltage operation, high efficiency and high power factor can be achieved by a coupled(More)
—A high-efficiency digital-controlled interleaved dc–dc converter is designed and implemented to provide a regulated high voltage output for high-power proton-exchange-membrane fuel-cell applications. Ripple cancellation on input current and output voltage can be achieved by the studied interleaved dc–dc power conversion technique to reduce hysteresis(More)
—A new controller for eliminating the temperature effect of a piezoelectric transformer (PT) in a backlight electronic ballast is proposed in this paper. First, a class-D backlight in-verter is employed to simplify the circuit configuration and to raise system efficiency. Next, to reduce the dimensions of the backlight module for satisfying the thin-shaped(More)
This paper presents a SEPIC PFC converter for driving multiple lighting LED lamps. With the aid of this converter, high power factor and high efficiency can be achieved by a simple single-stage circuit with low device stress features. A burst-mode dimming method is used to regulate the current and brightness of multiple LED lamps. A laboratory prototype is(More)