Huang Feng

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A laccase was purified from Trametes hirsuta. This laccase was classified as a “white” or “yellow” laccase. pH 2.4 was optimal for the oxidation of ABTS and pH 2.5 for DMP. DMP oxidation was optimal at 85°C. The half-life of this laccase was 70 min at 75°C, and 5 h at 65°C. Non-phenolic dyes, such as Methyl Red, were oxidized by purified laccase without(More)
A new image fusion algorithm based on wavelet transform is proposed, according to the directional characteristics of the high-frequency. Using wavelet transform decomposes an image into low-frequency sub-bands and high-frequency sub-bands in different scale, low-frequency sub-band using the correlation coefficients based on spatial frequency to determine(More)
The pepsin and trypsin activities and some of the properties of the two enzymes of southern sheatfish larvae were studied. The results were as follows: the highest level of trypsin activity is in the foregut in all measured tissues; from foregut to hindgut, trypsin activities decrease; the pH optimum of trypsin activity is pH9.0; the strongest pepsin(More)
Studies on Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Amorphous SnO-Based Anode Materials for Lithium Batteries Y U A N Z t i e n g y o n g , H U A N G F e n g , S U N J u t a n g , Z H A N G Kel i , Z H O U Y u n h o n g (College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei, China) Abstrac t . T h e S n O based anode m a t e(More)
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