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A laccase was purified from Trametes hirsuta. This laccase was classified as a "white" or "yellow" laccase. pH 2.4 was optimal for the oxidation of ABTS and pH 2.5 for DMP. DMP oxidation was optimal at 85 degrees C. The half-life of this laccase was 70 min at 75 degrees C, and 5 h at 65 degrees C. Non-phenolic dyes, such as Methyl Red, were oxidized by(More)
A new image fusion algorithm based on wavelet transform is proposed, according to the directional characteristics of the high-frequency. Using wavelet transform decomposes an image into low-frequency sub-bands and high-frequency sub-bands in different scale, low-frequency sub-band using the correlation coefficients based on spatial frequency to determine(More)
With the rapid development of science and technology, energy shortage cannot be ignored and energy conservation and emission reduction has been paid worldwide attention. As an important technology of building energy efficiency, natural ventilation can not only meet the room comfort index, save the equipments and running costs, but also create sustainable(More)
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