Huanchun Wang

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play an essential role in breast malignant tumor development and progression. The development of clinically validated biomarkers for primary breast cancer (BC) has remained an insurmountable task despite other advances in the field of cancer molecular biology. The objective of this study is to investigate the differential expression of(More)
Pure BiFeO₃ and heterostructured BiFeO₃/BiFe0.95Mn0.05O₃ (5% Mn-doped BiFeO₃) thin films have been prepared by a chemical deposition method. The band structures and photosensitive properties of these films have been investigated elaborately. Pure BiFeO₃ films showed stable and strong response to photo illumination (open circuit potential kept -0.18 V, short(More)
Photocatalysis is attracting enormous interest driven by the great promise of addressing current energy and environmental crises by converting solar light directly into chemical energy. However, efficiently harvesting solar energy for photocatalysis remains a pressing challenge, and the charge kinetics and mechanism of the photocatalytic process is far from(More)
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