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Short term load forecasting (STLF), which aims to predict system load over an internal of one day or one week, plays a crucial role in the control and scheduling operations of a power system. Most existing techniques on short term load forecasting try to improve the performance by selecting different prediction models. However, the performance also rely(More)
The indica variety Dular has a high level of resistance to rice stripe virus (RSV). We performed quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis for RSV resistance using 226 F2 clonal lines at the seedling stage derived from a cross between the susceptible japonica variety Balilla and the resistant indica variety Dular with two evaluation criteria, infection rate(More)
The urotensin II/urotensin receptor (UII/UT) system can mediate inflammatory liver injury in acute liver failure (ALF); however; the related mechanism is not clear. In this study, we confirmed that lipopolysaccharide/D-galactosamine (LPS/D-GalN) induced up-regulation of liver interferon regulatory factor 3 (IRF3) in ALF mice, whereas the UT antagonist(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiological studies have reported the preventive effect of vitamin A intake on bladder cancer. However, the findings are inconsistent. To address this issue we conducted a meta-analysis to investigate the quantitative effects of vitamin A on bladder cancer. METHODS We searched MEDLINE and Embase databases and the references of the relevant(More)
Growth hormone (GH), growth hormone receptor (GHR) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) are pivotal signaling factors of the GH/IGF axis, which plays a crucial role in regulating growth in vertebrates. In this study, GH, GHR and IGF-1 cDNAs were cloned from triploid and tetraploid crucian carp. In addition, mRNA expression levels were characterized in(More)
The bioavailability of sedimentary Hg(II) and methylmercury (MeHg) was quantified by measuring the assimilation efficiency (AE) in the clam Ruditapes philippinarum and the extraction of the gut juices from the sipunculan Sipunculus nudus. Three factors (Hg concentration in sediment, Hg sediment contact time, and organic content of sediments) were modified(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding small RNAs which play important roles in the regulation of gene expression by cleaving or inhibiting the translation of target gene transcripts. Thereinto, some specific miRNAs show regulatory activities in gonad development via translational control. In order to further understand the role of miRNA-mediated(More)
The uptake kinetics and regulation of copper in a marine predatory fish, the black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegeli after acclimation to waterborne Cu were examined, using radiotracer techniques. The dissolved Cu uptake followed a linear pattern during the time of exposure, and the calculated uptake rate constant was 6.24 L kg(-1) day(-1). The efflux rate(More)
To reduce air pollution, straw return instead of burning is being strongly encouraged in China, including some mercury polluted areas. Nevertheless, the possible influences of straw return on methylation, bioavailability and exposure risk of mercury were relatively unknown. In this study, different amounts of rice straw or root were added into a mercury(More)
Solubilization of particulate Cu by different solutions, mimicking digestive fluids of deposit-feeders, was quantified in stable isotope (65)Cu-spiked sediments (with 3 days-2 months Cu-sediment contact time or aging). Copper solubilization generally decreased with prolonged aging. However, such decrease became less evident after 1 month and equilibrium of(More)