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An efficient approach to finding Siraitia grosvenorii triterpene biosynthetic genes by RNA-seq and digital gene expression analysis
A combination of RNA-seq and DGE analysis based on the next generation sequencing technology was shown to be a powerful method for identifying candidate genes encoding enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of novel secondary metabolites in a non-model plant. Expand
Plasma levels of lipometabolism-related miR-122 and miR-370 are increased in patients with hyperlipidemia and associated with coronary artery disease
Increased plasma levels of miR-122 and mi-370 might be associated with the presence as well as the severity of CAD in hyperlipidemia patients, and the levels were positively correlated with TC, TG, and LDL-C levels in both hyperlipids patients and controls. Expand
The influence of regular walking at different times of day on blood lipids and inflammatory markers in sedentary patients with coronary artery disease.
The authors' walking program successfully resulted in a favorable change in lipids and inflammatory markers in sedentary patients with coronary artery disease, and patients in the evening walking group gained more benefits than those walking in the morning walking group. Expand
A retrieval algorithm of encrypted speech based on syllable-level perceptual hashing
Experimental results show that the syllable-level perceptual hashing of the proposed scheme has good discrimination, uniqueness, and perceptual robustness to common speech and effectively improves the retrieval speed by reducing the matching number of query index. Expand
Enhancing the precision of genetic lineage tracing using dual recombinases
A new genetic lineage tracing system that incorporates the Dre–rox recombination system to enhance the precision of conventional Cre–loxP-mediated lineage tracing and provides more precise analysis of cell lineage and fate decisions and facilitates the in vivo study of stem and progenitor cell plasticity in disease and regeneration. Expand
Fabrication of magnetic porous Fe-Mn binary oxide nanowires with superior capability for removal of As(III) from water.
Magnetic porous Fe-Mn binary oxide nanowires were successfully fabricated to efficient removal of As(III) from water. The adsorption capacity of the porous nanowires for As(III) obviously increasedExpand
Atomic structures of Coxsackievirus A6 and its complex with a neutralizing antibody
The isolation of two forms of stable CVA6 particles-procapsid and A-particle-with excellent biochemical stability and natural antigenicity to serve as vaccine candidates are demonstrated and an immune-dominant neutralizing epitope is identified which can be exploited for vaccine development. Expand
Posture optimization methodology of 6R industrial robots for machining using performance evaluation indexes
Abstract For industrial robots, the relatively low posture-dependent stiffness deteriorates the absolute accuracy in the robotic machining process. Thus, it is reasonable to consider performingExpand
A Broadly Cross-protective Vaccine Presenting the Neighboring Epitopes within the VP1 GH Loop and VP2 EF Loop of Enterovirus 71
It is illustrated that the chimeric VLP HBc-E1/2 is a promising candidate for a broad-spectrum HFMD vaccine, and also reveals mechanisms of protection by the neighboring linear epitopes of the VP1 GH and VP2 EF loops. Expand
Review on pulse-width modulation strategies for common-mode voltage reduction in three-phase voltage-source inverters
With wide application of inverters in modern industry, common-mode voltage (CMV) problems invoked severe negative effects. Hardware and software solutions have been proposed to reduce the CMV.Expand