Huan-Yu Tu

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Fault tolerance has always been a critical feature for reliable electronic systems. As the systems are becoming more and more complex, novel approaches inspired from bio-system have become an interested research field. Biological systems possessed characteristics such as self-healing and self-reproduction that are similar to the requirement of fault(More)
ÐOptimally fault-tolerant partial-connection multiple-bus networks and their fault-tolerant routing algorithms are presented in this paper. The proposed networks are scalable and provide flexibility in the choice of network parameters determining construction cost, system performance, and fault tolerance, given a fixed number of processors. In this design,(More)
In general, fault tolerant cache schemes can be classified into 3 different categories, namely, cache line disabling, replacement with spare block, and decoder reconfiguration without spare blocks. This paper re-examines each of those fault tolerant techniques with a fixed typical size and organization of L1 cache, through extended simulation using SPEC2000(More)
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