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Multi-Component Analysis of Ilex Kudingcha C. J. Tseng by a Single Marker Quantification Method and Chemometric Discrimination of HPLC Fingerprints
The quantitative analysis of multiple components with a single marker (QAMS) method was firstly established for simultaneous determination of 18 active components in Ilex kudingcha C. J. Tseng byExpand
Simultaneous qualitative and quantitative evaluation of Ilex kudingcha C. J. tseng by using UPLC and UHPLC‐qTOF‐MS/MS
  • Jie Zhou, Huan Yi, +5 authors L. Zhang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
  • 5 June 2018
A strategy based on the UHPLC‐qTOF‐MS/MS‐oriented characterizition and UPLC‐DAD‐based quantification for systematic assessment of the quality homogeneity of Ilex kudingcha C. J. Tseng was established and provided a potential approach for holistic quality control. Expand
Study of Absorption Characteristics of the Total Saponins from Radix Ilicis Pubescentis in an In Situ Single-Pass Intestinal Perfusion (SPIP) Rat Model by Using Ultra Performance Liquid
The results showed that effective apparent permeability (Papp) of C1, C2, C3, C4, and DC2 administrated in MDQ-TS form had no segment-dependent changes at low and middle dosage levels, and the enhancing intestinal absorption of MDZ-TS reflected a holistic and specific view of traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs). Expand
Therapeutic effect of berberine on metabolic diseases: Both pharmacological data and clinical evidence.
This review provides a timely and comprehensive summary of the pharmacological and clinical advances of BBR in the treatment of five metabolic diseases, including type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hyperlipidemia, and gout. Expand
Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Cancer Therapy by Targeting Apoptosis Pathways
This paper summarized the medicinal plants with anticancer activity in the Tibetan traditional system of medicine by searching for Tibetan medicine monographs and drug standards and reviewing modern research literatures and found forty species to be effective in treating cancer. Expand
[HPLC-UV fingerprints and chemical pattern recognition of Ilicis Pubescentis Radix].
The established HPLC-UV fingerprint is highly specific, and can be used to evaluate the quality consistency of different batches of Ilicis Pubescentis Radix. Expand
Berberis kansuensis extract alleviates type 2 diabetes in rats by regulating gut microbiota composition.
BK extract has a good anti-diabetic effect on T2D rats, and the mechanism by which this extract exerts its action is, at least partly, related to its regulation of gut microbiota. Expand
[Effects of gut microbiota on five absorbed components of Berberis kansuensis in rat serum by HPLC-QqQ-MS].
  • H. Du, Xin-mei Xu, +4 authors Gang Fan
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao…
  • 1 January 2020
It was found that the serum levels of berberine, magnoflorine and jatrorrhizine in pseudo germ-free diabetic rats were significantly lower than those in diabetic rats, indicating that gut microbiota plays an important role in the metabolism of alkaloids of B. kansuensis in vivo. Expand
Anti‐Diabetic Effects of Berberis kansuensis Extract on Type 2 Diabetic Rats Revealed by 1H‐NMR‐Based Metabolomics and Biochemistry Analysis
  • H. Du, Qi Li, +6 authors Gang Fan
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Chemistry & biodiversity
  • 1 September 2020
The dried stem bark of Berberis kansuensis C.K.Schneid. (Berberidaceae) was widely used to treat diabetes in traditional Tibetan medicine system. However, its anti‐diabetic mechanisms have not beenExpand