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We consider the problem of learning sparsely used dictionaries with an arbitrary square dictionary and a random, sparse coefficient matrix. We prove that O(n log n) samples are sufficient to uniquely determine the coefficient matrix. Based on this proof, we design a polynomial-time algorithm , called Exact Recovery of Sparsely-Used Dictionaries (ER-SpUD),(More)
A large family of algorithms for dimensionality reduction end with solving a Trace Ratio problem in the form of arg max<sub>W</sub> Tr(W<sup>T</sup> S<sub>P</sub>W)/Tr(WT S<sub>I</sub>W)<sup>1</sup>, which is generally transformed into the corresponding Ratio Trace form arg max<sub>W</sub> Tr[ (W<sup>T</sup>S<sub>I</sub>W)<sup>-1</sup> (WTS<sub>P</sub>W) ](More)
In this paper, we take the human age and pose estimation problems as examples to study automatic designing regressor from training samples with uncertain nonnegative labels. First, the nonnegative label is predicted as the square norm of a matrix, which is bilinearly transformed from the nonlinear mappings of the candidate kernels. Two transformation(More)
Diabetic-related eye diseases are the most common cause of blindness in the world. So far the most effective treatment for these eye diseases is early detection through regular screenings. To lower the cost of such screenings, we employ state-of-the-art image processing techniques to automatically detect the presence of abnormalities in the retinal images(More)
Video text information plays an important role in semantic-based video analysis, indexing and retrieval. Video texts are closely related to the content of a video. Usually, the fundamental steps of text-based video analysis, browsing and retrieval consist of video text detection, localization, tracking, segmentation and recognition. Video sequences are(More)
BACKGROUND Natural antisense transcripts (NATs) are coding or non-coding RNAs with sequence complementarity to other transcripts (sense transcripts). These RNAs could potentially regulate the expression of their sense partner(s) at either the transcriptional or post-transcriptional level. Experimental and computational methods have demonstrated the(More)
How to encode a face is a widely studied problem in both pattern recognition and psychology literatures. Many feature descriptors, Gabor feature, local binary pattern (LBP), and edge orientation histogram, have been proposed. In this paper, we give a comprehensive study of these descriptors under the framework of principal component analysis (PCA) followed(More)
This paper describes a semantic retrieval system that allows match-making with ranked output and the use of multi-modality ontology to retrieve animal images. Our multi-modality ontology, which integrates both image features and text information, is extended to provide a ranking mechanism. Ranking is calculated from correlation in each modality and is used(More)
Endometrial regenerative cells (ERC) and bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC) are being used in clinical trials. While they have been reported to have similar characteristics, they have not been directly compared. We compared micro RNA (miRNA) and gene expression profiles, soluble cytokine and growth factor levels and ability to inhibit ongoing mixed leukocyte(More)