Huan-Sheng Wang

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In this correspondence, a fast motion estimation algorithm, based on the successive elimination algorithm (SEA) of Li and Salari (1995), is studied. This fast motion estimation algorithm finds the same displacement vectors as the exhaustive search algorithm with a reduced computational load. A modified fast motion estimation algorithm introducing negligible(More)
In this paper, a novel electrocardiogram (ECG) data compression method with full wavelet coefficients is proposed. Full wavelet coefficients involve a mean value in the termination level and the wavelet coefficients of all octaves. This new approach is based on the reversible round-off nonrecursive one-dimensional (1-D) discrete periodized wavelet transform(More)
Maintaining reconstructed signals at a desired level of quality is crucial for lossy ECG data compression. Wavelet-based approaches using a recursive decomposition process are unsuitable for real-time ECG signal recoding and commonly obtain a nonlinear compression performance with distortion sensitive to quantization error. The sensitive response is caused(More)
In ECG data compression, maintaining reconstructed signal with desired quality is crucial for clinical application. In this paper, a linear quality control design based on the reversible round-off non-recursive discrete periodized wavelet transform (RRO-NRDPWT) is proposed for high efficient ECG data compression. With the advantages of error propagation(More)
BACKGROUND Identifying novel tumor biomarkers to develop more effective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for patients with ACC is urgently needed. The aim of the study was to compare the proteomic profiles between adrenocortical carcinomas (ACC) and normal adrenocortical tissues in order to identify novel potential biomarkers for ACC. METHODS The(More)
The paper develops the multi-detection system using multi-level surveillance structure. The system contains active detection modules, passive detection modules, a supervised computer, an image system and an intelligent home. The passive detection modules contain wire/wireless detection modules and appliance control modules, and decide the event to be true(More)
Maintaining retrieved signal with desired quality is crucial for ECG data compression. In this paper, a high efficient quality control strategy is proposed for wavelet-based ECG data compression. The strategy is based on a modified non-linear quantization scheme that can obtain a linear distortion behavior with respective to a control variable. The linear(More)
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