Huan-Sheng Hwang

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—A full-wave moment-method technique developed for the analysis of quasi-optical (QO) systems is used to model finite grid structures in a lens system. This technique incorporates an electric-field dyadic Green's function for a grid centered between two lenses. This is derived by separately considering paraxial and nonparaxial fields. Results for the(More)
NUTESON, TODD WILLIAM. Electromagnetic Modeling of Quasi-Optical Power Combiners. (Under the direction of Michael B. Steer.) A full-wave electromagnetic simulator is developed for the analysis of finite antenna elements and grid arrays in quasi-optical systems. This electromagnetic simulator employs an efficient Galerkin moment method technique with(More)
—A dual-band R-shaped planar inverted-F antenna is proposed for vehicular application. Utilization of this unique geometry dual-frequency operation is achieved with a single feed. The proposed antenna operates in the 225-and 450-MHz bands. Input impedance and return loss data as function of various antenna parameters are presented, which show that(More)
Acknowledgment I wish to express my sincere appreciation to those who provided support, encouragement and assistance throughout the project and preparation of this thesis. First, I would like to express my gratitude to my advisor Dr. Michael B. Steer for his support and guidance during my graduate studies. I would also like to thank my past and present(More)
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