Huan-Ming Chuang

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Since 2008, soaring international oil prices and environmental awareness have pushed bicycle to be a green transport vehicle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a significant global trend. Consequently, Taiwan’s bicycle industry earned the “bicycle kingdom” has entered a new peak period of demand under popular social trends of bicycling for health(More)
Ecological degradation is an escalating global threat. Increasingly, people are expressing awareness and priority for concerns about environmental problems surrounding them. Environmental protection issues are highlighted. An appropriate information technology tool, the growing popular social network system (virtual community, VC), facilitates public(More)
This paper intends to investigate how corporations introduce and develop management information system (MIS) and total quality management (TQM) in facing the e-commerce era. Several 2009 national quality award winning firms will be used as individual cases for in-depth analysis. The development of a company's MIS and TQM will be analyzed. In this study, we(More)
- This study takes an electronic company as example to enhance its supply chain management by applying concepts and guidelines from Supply Chain Council (SCC) as well as business intelligence tools. The company's Supplier Performance Management System (SPMS) was first examined by in-depth interviews with its users under the framework of Information Systems(More)
The R&D project of weapons is much more challenging than the one of general products. Therefore, in risk management it is a desirable issue that the project members can quickly and accurately acquire the information and knowledge of project risks--with appropriate knowledge representation techniques. This study aims to reinforce the discovery of(More)
Customer relationship management (CRM) traditionally uses software as a service (SaaS) technology in ubiquitous cloud computing SaaS CRM solutions. In this study, the opinions of experts and of three case companies in Internet application fields were studied. In cloud CRM projects, DEMATEL-based analytical network processes and the VIKOR technique are(More)
The websites vigorously grow and inevitably need to provide consumers high-quality service to create excellent experience and win the customers’ heart to establish mutually beneficial and long-term relationship. Consequently, the e-service quality attracts priority-concerns. The research purpose differentiates three service quality models that make the(More)