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Feature selection is applied to reduce the number of features in many applications where data has hundreds or thousands of features. Existing feature selection methods mainly focus on finding relevant features. In this paper, we show that feature relevance alone is insufficient for efficient feature selection of high-dimensional data. We define feature(More)
Feature selection has been the focus of interest for quite some time and much work has been done. With the creation of huge databases and the consequent requirements for good machine learning techniques, new problems arise and novel approaches to feature selection are in demand. This survey is a comprehensive overview of many existing methods from the(More)
Feature selection, as a preprocessing step to machine learning, has been effective in reducing dimensionality, removing irrelevant data, increasing learning accuracy, and improving comprehensibility. However, the recent increase of dimensionality of data poses a severe challenge to many existing feature selection methods with respect to efficiency and(More)
This paper introduces concepts and algorithms of feature selection, surveys existing feature selection algorithms for classification and clustering, groups and compares different algorithms with a categorizing framework based on search strategies, evaluation criteria, and data mining tasks, reveals unattempted combinations, and provides guidelines in(More)
Subspace clustering is an extension of traditional clustering that seeks to find clusters in different subspaces within a dataset. Often in high dimensional data, many dimensions are irrelevant and can mask existing clusters in noisy data. Feature selection removes irrelevant and redundant dimensions by analyzing the entire dataset. Subspace clustering(More)
Blogging becomes a popular way for a Web user to publish information on the Web. Bloggers write blog posts, share their likes and dislikes, voice their opinions, provide suggestions, report news, and form groups in Blogosphere. Bloggers form their virtual communities of similar interests. Activities happened in Blogosphere affect the external world. One way(More)
Feature selection is an effective technique in dealing with dimensionality reduction. For classification, it is used to find an “optimal” subset of relevant features such that the overall accuracy of classification is increased while the data size is reduced and the comprehensibility is improved. Feature selection methods contain two important aspects:(More)
Discrete values have important roles in data mining and knowledge discovery. They are about intervals of numbers which are more concise to represent and specify, easier to use and comprehend as they are closer to a knowledge-level representation than continuous values. Many studies show induction tasks can benefit from discretization: rules with discrete(More)