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PMN-PT with a PT content of 26%, 30%, and 38% respectively, was evaluated as a candidate for high performance detectors. Pyroelectric and dielectric measurements confirmed the extraordinary pyroelectric coefficient of about 1090 &#x00B5;C/m<sup>2</sup>/K and very low dielectric losses of about 0.0005 at 1 kHz of Mn doped PMN-26PT. The evaluation of PMN-PT(More)
In this work the applicability of single crystalline PIN-PMN-PT in cpyroelectric detectors was evaluated and compared with high-quality Mn-doped PMN-28PT and standard LTO. Pyroelectric and dielectric measurements confirmed an increased processing and operating temperature range due to higher phase transitions of PIN-PMN-PT. Pyroelectric coefficient of(More)
In this study, properties of newly developed reclaimed tiles in a harmful environment were investigated. A portion of clay used to manufacture tiles was replaced with sewage sludge ash (SSA) and waste glass to produce the new reclaimed tiles. To investigate the effects of SSA and waste glass on the properties of the tiles, different specimens were blended(More)
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