Huan-Kai Peng

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Among the most popular micro-blogging service, Twitter recently introduced their reblogging service called retweet to allow a user to repopulate another user's content for his followers. It quickly becomes one of the most prominent features on Twitter and an important mean for secondary content promotion. However, it remains unclear what motivates users to(More)
The fast growing mobile sensor technology makes sensorbased lifelogging system attractive to the remote elderly care. However, existing lifelogging systems are weak at generating meaningful activity summaries from heterogeneous sensor data which significantly limits the usability of lifelogging systems in practice. In this paper, we introduce SensCare, a(More)
This article re-examines the soft error effect caused by radiation-induced particles beyond the deep submicron regime. Considering the impact of process variations, voltage pulse widths of transient faults are found no longer monotonically diminishing after propagation, as they were formerly. As a result, the soft error rates in scaled electronic designs(More)
This paper re-examines the soft error effect caused by cosmic radiation in sub 90nm technologies. Considering the impact of process variation, a number of statistical natures of transient faults are found more sophisticated than their static ones. We apply the state-of-the-art statistical learning algorithm to tackle the complexity of these natures and(More)
For CMOS designs in sub 90nm technologies, statistical methods are necessary to accurately estimate circuit SER considering process variations. However, due to the lack of quality statistical models, current statistical SER (SSER) frameworks have not yet achieved satisfactory accuracy. In this work, we present accurate table-based cell models, based on(More)
How frequently are computer jobs submitted to an industrial-scale datacenter? We investigate the trace that contains job requests and execution collected in one of large-scale industrial datacenters, which spans near half of a Terabyte. In this paper, we discover and explain two surprising patterns with respect to the inter-arrival time (IAT) of job(More)
The omnipresence of mobile sensors has brought tremendous opportunities to ubiquitous computing systems. In many natural settings, however, their broader applications are hindered by three main challenges: rarity of labels, uncertainty of activity granularities, and the difficulty of multi-dimensional sensor fusion. In this paper, we propose building a(More)
We present a hardwired decoder prototype for H.264/AVC main profile video. Our design takes as its input compressed H.264/AVC bit-stream and produces as its output video frames ready for display. We wrap the decoder core with an AMBA-AHB bus interface and integrate it into a multimedia SoC platform. Several architectural innovations at both IP and system(More)
In an advanced System-on-Chip (SoC) for real-time applications, the arbiter of its on-chip communication subsystem needs to support multiple QoS criteria while providing a hard real-time guarantee. To fulfill both objectives, the arbitration algorithm must dynamically switch between NonReal-Time (NRT) and Real-Time (RT) modes such that use of the RT mode is(More)
OBJECTIVE Social media exhibit rich yet distinct temporal dynamics which cover a wide range of different scales. In order to study this complex dynamics, two fundamental questions revolve around (1) the signatures of social dynamics at different time scales, and (2) the way in which these signatures interact and form higher-level meanings. METHOD In this(More)