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This paper examines the efficiency in crowd sourcing, especially crowd sourcing for the software bug detection. Crowd sourcing has recently emerged as a lucrative paradigm for leveraging the collective intelligence of crowds. However, it has inherent weakness that a simple reward setting causes an uneven distribution of workers on each task, which reduces(More)
Chitosan stabilized silver nanoparticles (Ch-Ag NPs) were successfully synthesized by a one-step method and were found to possess intrinsic peroxidase-like activity, could catalytically oxidize substrates, such as TMB, and OPD, by H(2)O(2) to produce a typical colour reaction such as from colorless to blue for TMB and from colorless to red for OPD. Our(More)
In this paper, we consider the discrete time-varying internal model-based control design for high precision tracking of complicated reference trajectories generated by time-varying systems. Based on a novel parallel time-varying internal model structure, asymptotic tracking conditions for the design of internal model units are developed, and a low order(More)
The quality of the fluorescence microscopic image is greatly degraded because of the physical limitation and human disturbance during the course of the optical imaging. Many image restoration and reconstruction algorithms were proposed to solve this problem. In this paper, an image display and analysis system for fluorescence microscopic sample was designed(More)
BACKGROUND Seventy percent of lifetime cases of mental illness emerge prior to age 24. While early detection and intervention can address approximately 70% of child and youth cases of mental health concerns, the majority of youth with mental health concerns do not receive the services they need. OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper is to describe the(More)
Conventional metasurface holograms relying on metal antennas for phase manipulation suffer from strong Ohmic loss and incomplete polarization conversion. The efficiency is limited to rather small values when operating in transmission mode. Here, we implement a high-efficiency transmissive metasurface hologram by leveraging the recently developed Huygens'(More)