Huan Jiang

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This paper examines the efficiency in crowd sourcing, especially crowd sourcing for the software bug detection. Crowd sourcing has recently emerged as a lucrative paradigm for leveraging the collective intelligence of crowds. However, it has inherent weakness that a simple reward setting causes an uneven distribution of workers on each task, which reduces(More)
In this paper, we consider the discrete time-varying internal model-based control design for high precision tracking of complicated reference trajectories generated by time-varying systems. Based on a novel parallel time-varying internal model structure, asymptotic tracking conditions for the design of internal model units are developed, and a low order(More)
Conventional metasurface holograms relying on metal antennas for phase manipulation suffer from strong Ohmic loss and incomplete polarization conversion. The efficiency is limited to rather small values when operating in transmission mode. Here, we implement a high-efficiency transmissive metasurface hologram by leveraging the recently developed Huygens'(More)
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